60 West Street
Rocky Hill, CT 06067

60 West

  • Silver

  • Three Star Facility per CMS

  • Five Star Facility for Quality Measures

  • Since I got here they treat me with respect. I don't have any problems with anyone and they take care of me.

    Resident FR (January 2024)

  • Staff is responsive and friendly, food is excellent. Very good place overall.

    Resident RP (May 2023)

  • This place has saved my life, so I am very thankful and will always be grateful for how far I've come.

    Resident GR (May 2023)

  • When I truly contemplate where I’d be if none of this was offered to me, my life as it stands today would be entirely different. Being surrounded in such a positive atmosphere where myself and other patients/residents were treated with genuine compassion, transformed my gloomy perception on life. I was finally discovering how to build constructive relationships, began taking steps towards a successful life, reintegrating into society and beginning to heal emotionally. Though I’m permanently disabled, I was encouraged that I could still straighten my path into a productive life where I can give back and help others. I had the chance to become the Resident Council President, which taught me how to look out for the best interest of others and in a way, set aside personal benefit. All of a sudden, I dreamt of becoming an addictions counselor. This seemed like a great idea where I can impact people who might be leading the same lifestyle that I once had. Coming from a prison infirmary where there was absolutely no physical therapy or any type of medical attention which would allow me to improve my physical condition, I was in a space where people cared, at 60 West. The week I was admitted, I began making progress walking and gaining my strength back. This continued as I went from a wheelchair to walking with a cane. Also, I could now have a surgery on my foot, which I needed for years. Today, I have a car, a valid driver’s license and pursuing a degree in psychology. If all goes well, I’ll have my associate’s degree by late spring. It’s difficult to find words to express my appreciation for all of the 60 West staff and to those in the state of Connecticut who turned this concept into a reality. I hope these words enable you to grasp my gratefulness. Thank you to everyone who played a part in the 60 West effort and I’m proud to say I was a resident in this facility!

    Resident Frankie M.

  • The staff seemed very friendly and there were many activities that my brother could engage in.

    Family Member via Survey (April 2022)

  • This place saved my life and I am very thankful for this place.

    Resident GR (January 2022)

  • It has been a very good experience. I have been in the system for many years and this place is the best I have ever seen. The staff knock themselves out to care for others. 60 West lives by its mission statement.

    Resident DP (January 2022)

  • I don't think it gets better than this place.

    Resident RP (January 2022)

  • Rated 10/10. The care and the professionalism exhibited by the staff, was the best that I ever encountered, and I had spent 18 months at Yale New Haven Hospital. Given my status, and the status of this facility I would highly recommend it as a 5 star facility for individuals looking to pursue getting their health back to the point it was before the catastrophic event that put them in this place.

    Resident OA (March 2021)

  • Rated 10/10. Best in the Country.

    Resident SC (March 2021)

  • Rated 10/10. The staff care for me and take good care of me. They respect me and help me when I need it.

    Resident AB (March 2021)

  • Rated 10/10. I like the arts and crafts, poetry and music and kindness and love that we get here.

    Resident FG (March 2021)

  • Rated 10/10. Beyond excellent. 60 West should be the benchmark standard that other nursing homes are measured against.

    Resident JM (March 2021)

  • Rated 10/10. My experience has been very helpful and educational about staying healthy. I am grateful to all staff members for the effort that they put in to make this the best place for rehabilitation and long term care.

    Resident JD (March 2021)

  • I love everyone here. They have given me something I haven't had which is caring and love. I will always appreciate that. I have seen a lot of things, not all good. When I came here, I am loved and cared for and not just me I see it for everyone. That's how you know it's genuine.

    Resident LN (March 2021)

  • Rated 10/10. If you ever need a place like this you would be very fortunate indeed to come here.

    Resident MJ (March 2021)

  • Rated 10/10. I didn't choose 60 west. But I can say 100% loved the care my brother received.

    CTJ, Sister of Resident (March 2021)

  • I just wanted to let you know what a great team of staff you have at 60 West! Your staff have been amazing, going above & beyond to help my brother and to be supportive of me as well. Your social worker Emily has been a tremendous support to [resident]. Anytime I reach out to her she always follows up and gets back to me. She has also helped me navigate some rough patches with him which I found very helpful. Your nursing staff is always updating me as needed. They have been professional and willing to listen to my input which I so appreciate. I know that in the day in and day out of working in a nursing home it can be very challenging. The staff can struggle with making a difference, especially this year! Please know that you and your wonderful team have made a difference in my brother’s quality of life! I can not thank them enough for all that they do! You are all heroes and May God Bless you!

    CB, Sister of Resident (March 2021)

  • In July 2017 I toured 60 West with our daughter and was immediately impressed with the facility and the compassion and care I observed in all the staff I met. I knew this was the place for Ken. My husband was transferred to 60 West later that July in 2017. I was happy that Ken would have a chance to rehabilitate and receive the care he needed. From the beginning of his stay all of the staff, from mental health to dietary, made us feel like family. Kyle was there for me 24/7 with any questions or just to listen when I needed someone to vent too. With hard work, patience, and a caring team, my husband started being himself again. Ken was ready for discharge. Emily (social worker) set all the appointments for doctors and home care services. It was a very organized process and I was very grateful for that. On January 13, 2020 Ken came home. Thank you ALL for your support and care for Kens stay to be a success!!!!

    Kim Sabatino (March 2020)

  • I like the individualized aspect of my time here. Staff worked with me on the areas I struggled in. My memory was very poor and the staff here worked with me to improve that. This place helped me in so many ways and gave me a new perspective on life. I appreciate everything 60 West did for me.

    Resident JA (December 2018)

  • Can I convey to you the feelings of gratitude and relief I felt each time he was acknowledged by staff members at 60 West with not a whiff of judgment, but with sensitivity, compassion, gentleness and kindness.

    Holly G, Family Member of Greg R

  • Living here has re-established my connection to the community and given me a deeper sense of self-worth. It has rehabilitated me in ways the prison system could not because of the outstanding services provided.

    Resident JD (March 2018)

  • 60 west is very nice and very comfortable. The help is very understanding and very thoughtful. I finally found a place that I can call my own.

    Resident EB (March 2018)

  • The place means a whole lot, the aides are nice to me. I’ve been in six nursing homes and this is the best one I’ve ever been in.

    Resident RF (March 2018)

  • I love morning walks because I get to be out in nature. I love Bingo, Cardo, and the many activities they put on. I love it because I am good at them. I enjoy the music group on the evening because it is fun, it means friendship, laughter, and camaraderie.

    Resident KB (March 2018)

  • A brand new opportunity to better myself. Without this place I would have been released into the community with nothing. This is the only place of its kind that would give me a chance to establish myself into the community.

    Resident MJ (March 2018)

  • A place of hope, and a new beginning.

    Resident RJ (March 2018)

  • I am a far cry from where I was this time last year. I am feeling extremely blessed and cared for. I currently reside at a nursing home in Rocky Hill where the care is phenomenal. Even though my family is scattered about, I felt like part of something tonight. Amongst residents and their family and friends we we’re treated to a five course meal. They really went out of their way and went above and beyond, making us feel special. I thank them for choosing me to come here and making me feel like part of something really great. I am thankful and grateful for all of the staff here and the amazing job they do.

    Resident LA (March 2018)

  • I have a great roommate and all the nurses, aides, and volunteers are helpful. They help me pursue my goals. When I was in other programs I bounced around, it was uncomfortable, dirty, and devastating. Here, I have an awesome clean bed. It is awesome, perfect, and clean.

    Resident FG (March 2018)