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What is iRecovery?

The iRecovery Program is designed to treat active addiction and teach sober recovery skills with the goal of long-term sobriety and recovery. iRecovery utilizes a groundbreaking holistic approach, in which sub acute medical and psychosocial needs are met. 60 West’s iRecovery Program is a supportive model oriented around systems for those already in recovery and in need of continuous support of sobriety rather than patients in with a recent history of substance use.

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How does iRecovery work?Resident playing with cat, Recovery Services, Quality of Life, 60 West Rocky Hill CT

The iRecovery Program consists of several weekly group therapy sessions and weekly private sessions. Group therapy is the modality of choice when treating Substance Use Disorders. Two distinct models are used: Psycho-Educational groups and Process groups, both led by the iRecovery clinicians. The Psycho-Educational groups meet once weekly and here patients gain in-depth insight into their disease and the best treatment pathways available. The Process groups meet twice weekly and are based on the Mutual Aid Model. The Mutual Aid Model is an alliance of individuals working on common problems and goals to create helping relationships. These sessions are a vital ingredient to the recovery process. Finally, the private sessions are used to augment the work done in the group model. 

Methadone Maintenance

iRecovery welcomes patients who are part of a methadone maintenance program. We view methadone therapy as a very effective tool in achieving sobriety. iRecovery facilities have established relationships with the major methadone clinics in Connecticut.